MNML Moments


      Mark Life’s Moments with These Minimalist Silver Necklaces

      If you’re looking for sterling silver necklaces that hold special meaning, one of our most popular collections to look out for is our MNML Moments. This range of jewellery is themed after five themes in life: Affection, Celebratory, Courage, Minimalist and Wonder. 


      Love comes in many different forms - parental love, romantic love and even love amongst friends. The Affection range is a commemoration of the beautiful love that we’ll experience from these different moments. Paired with intricately crafted pendants that are studded with precious stones, these minimalist silver necklaces are truly an embodiment of the love you feel in your heart. 


      Be it birthdays, anniversaries, graduation or landing your first job, there’s always an occasion in life that’s worth celebrating. Mark these memorable occasions with a sterling silver necklace from the Celebratory range. 


      Take the step to manifest your life goals and mark this momentous occasion with a token to remind you to always have the courage to go after what you desire. Browse the whole range of Courage to pick the perfect silver necklace that represents your bravery. 


      What truly matters to you in this life? Identify what you hold dear and mark it with a silver chain necklace so that you will never lose sight of that. 


      Sometimes when life gets too busy, we lose sight of the little moments that make life worth living. Remember to take a breather and find joy in the every day with the Wonder range. Each piece is designed to capture the wondrous things life has to offer. 

      Minimalist Lab has a vast array of necklace designs for all your life’s special moments.

      158 products

      158 products