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To us here at Minimalist Lab, jewellery also tells a story. It celebrates our sentiments and stories that make us who we are, a personifier of the different journeys in our life. Be it a time of celebration or growth or a reminder of good times and bad, a piece of jewellery you own can be your personal story and powerful symbol. It could be the smell of flowers, the warmth of a hug from a loved one, the smell of coffee that rejuvenates your morning or landing your very first job. Each detail evokes a different kind of sensation that makes life truly beautiful.

Additionally, being able to buy jewellery online has made it even easier for us to curate them. This has given us even more creative expression as we accentuate our styles and showcase our personalities with the unique pieces that we own.

Drawing inspiration from the little things in life that bring us pure, unadulterated joy, our sterling silver jewellery are designed with the simplest yet most intricate details because a little goes a long way. Our range of minimalist silver jewellery is suitable to be worn daily to uplift your day. Sterling silver is used in all our pieces due to its composition of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals. This makes it more durable compared to pure silver plus it’s skin-friendly too.

Write your life story now and begin your own collection of minimalist silver jewellery with us.

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