Diamond Shapes and What They Say about You

Diamond Shapes and What They Say about You

We've recently launched our Understated Beauty from Minimalist theme, featuring a deck of brilliant necklaces made mostly with cubic zirconias. Cubic zirconia (CZ), one of most used synthetic gemstone in the world, has the shapes, cuts, colors, and clarity levels resemble that of diamonds. Also a less-costly option, cubic zirconia has been loved by many and utilised in the fashion jewellery industry.

diamond shapes and meanings

From this collection, we're introducing several classic diamond shapes we cant get our eyes off. Did you know that the shape of diamond you prefer may reveal something about your personality, style or love life?

1. Diamond Shape: Square - Princess 

Princess cut diamonds are designed to maximize sparkle while maintaining a chic square shape. This stone shape is for the woman who is drawn to the excitement and a true romantic at heart because the princess stone shape is known is known to manifest beauty, style, and edge.


PRINCESS Cubic Zirconia Princess-cut Square Diamond Sterling Silver Necklace

2. Diamond Shape: Marquise - Marq

Pronounced “mahr-keez,” this stone shape is for the woman who has a larger-than-life personality and a love for all things glamorous. The points at each end of a marquise-cut diamond are a clear display of internal and external strength. You are known for being creative and edgy, compared to the classical-goers. 

MARQ Cubic Zirconia Marquise Diamond Sterling Silver Necklace

3. Diamond Shape: Baguette - Gemma

Due to its large step-facets, inclusions and body-color are much more obvious to see with the naked eye in this shape. Sophisticated, hard-working and straightforward, the classic baguette-shaped diamond describes about you.


4. Diamond Shape: Heart - Aurelia

The unmistakeable symbol of love, heart-shaped diamonds are very popular in solitaire diamond pendants. True connection or classic romance, heart-shaped diamond is made for the sentimental lover. 

*Arelia falls under the affection theme - from the Eternal Love collection. 


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