We may not always be brave but when it really counts, it matters to step up and overcome our fears.
Let this be the year you chase after courage and dive deeper to manifest your goals.

Moments - Courage

BRAVERY Compass 

SERAPHINA Dancing Diamond Guardian Angel 

LOLA Mother of Pearl Clover

FLEUR Four Leaf Clover 

It takes courage to be honest to oneself, to admit the hard truths. Find that courage. It will open doors and accompany you every step of the way. Embrace what makes you different, because that’s what makes you, you.

HOLLY Tree of Life 

CHARLIZE Four Leaf Clover 

MARY Sparkly Crown 

CHLOE Clover


MARINNA Clear Stones Whale Tail 

DAKOTA Dancing Diamond Wishbone 

LUCIA Wishbone 

Our courage collection is a reminder of strength and endurance for life,
empowering your inner self. Find in this collection a personal signifier to mark significant moments of your life.


Simple sensations that hold a special place in our memory, it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.