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      Here’s How to Pick the Perfect 925 Silver Ring

      A ring can have a lot of significance besides being a nice piece of jewellery to own. Due to its circular shape, it can be a symbol of devotion, commitment, friendship and more. These days, silver rings, particularly sterling silver ones, have begun becoming a popular choice. We see more and more sterling silver wedding or engagement bands being used too. 

      Due to its composition of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, sterling is more durable compared to pure silver. If you’re on the lookout for sterling silver rings, be it for everyday use or to mark a special occasion, here are some things you can consider before making a purchase.


      How often will you be wearing the ring? Do you work with your hands? If you will be wearing the ring daily, then going for 925 sterling silver rings will be recommended due to its durability.


      Silver is very versatile in terms of its finishings. From bright white to oxidized black, high polish to satin, each of these finishes gives off a different style and appeal. However, silver rings that are worn daily go through a burnishing process, a process when metal rubs against something harder than itself to leave behind a shiny mark. Your silver ring will eventually be covered in these marks, which will then create a new finishing. A satin ring may become shinier while a polished ring will become more matte. However, be assured that if any scratches and damages occur, sterling silver rings can easily be polished back to their smooth shine.

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