An exploration to the unknown, mystery or dreams - our Wonder collection gives inspirations and hopes to your everyday life.
Day in and day out, it is truly the subtle things that bring the simplest, long-lasting joys in life.

Moments - Wonder

POLARIS North Star 


GIANNA Bright Moon

ADELAIDE North Star 

Indulge in our dreamy, surreal and wondrous blinks of this collection. May you spend the most regular days with joyful wonder,
that is when little moments of happiness will find its way to you. 

REVERIE Celestial Crescent Moon

MAGNOLIA Sparkly Flower Snowflake


BELLADONA Geometric Diamond Bar 

ETHEREAL North Star Crescent Moon

WHIMSY Aqua Cubic Zirconia Crystals Snowflake

MOONLIGHT Swarovski Crystal Teardrop

CINDERELLA Ethereal Diamond 

The world will go by each day, bustling as ever but it is up to you to be amazed and amused by the little things.
Highlight your wondrous journey with curated pieces from our collection.


Simple sensations that hold a special place in our memory, it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.