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Engraving Collection

FREE Engraving service is available, adding a layer of emotion and personalisation to the piece, making it truly unique to you.


MNML Moments

Shaped after five themes in life, MNML Moments – the main line of Minimalist Lab jewellery, is made up five moments that resonates with one’s life journey.


Love comes in many forms and intensity. The family you always cherish, friends that stick through thick and thin and especially the adoration and devotion for a significant other. We instinctively want to commemorate our love with physical objects as if it comes close to representing the adoration that is rippling through our veins.


Celebrations are so much more than the conventional ones; birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Our collection serves as a memento to every single one of your life events.


We may not always be brave but when it really counts, it matters to step up and overcome our fears. Let this be the year you chase after courage and dive deeper to manifest your goals. The pieces in Courage is a token of encouragement to remind our brave souls to take flight.


To identify what we hold dear and what is truly significant to us, it's a lengthy and personal process. But when you do find out, when you discover what truly matters, it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.


The world will go by each day, bustling as ever but it is up to you to be amazed and amused by the little things. Whether it is keeping an eye out for silver linings or finding joy in regular days, never let that part of you die. Highlight your wondrous journey with curated pieces from our collection.

Birth and loss, celebration and grief,
these are all markers in one’s life journey.

Simple sensations that hold a special place in our memory, it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.