Taking Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewellery

Taking Care of Your Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling silver is a semi precious metal, one of the least expensive jewellery material in the world. It is easy to take care, light-weight, and lasts up to years for functionality. Here we have compiled some simple ways for you to take note when keeping a silver jewellery with you.

Always keep them from oxidization

It is a natural circumstance that sterling silver jewellery turns dark overtime, especially under humid environment like Malaysia. If it turns yellowish or darkens, simply polish it and find a better place to keep it. Keep your silver jewellery in air-tight bags or jewellery box to lessen the contact with air. This can slow down the oxidisation process.

Can I wear my silver chain to shower?

Generally, yes. Sterling silver in fact, is water-resistant. The color doesn't fade or changes when contacting water. This would even make the metal shinier because washing with soap works the same as polishing your jewellery. However, please be mindful that wearing it day and night, may result in wear-and-tear, your jewellery may be scratched or it may erode when contacting with chemical substances.

Gentle Reminder: Take gentle care of your jewellery if you love it so much, especially if your jewellery comes with delicate details such as stones. 

Simple polishing methods

  1. Wash with soap water and let dry - Yes, mild soaps like body wash or hand wash will do. Run it with tap water afterwards. This works the same when you bring your silver jewellery to shower. 
  2. Use hand sanitiser - In our outlets, sometimes we dip our display charms with gel-based hand sanitiser and we rub them with dry cloth. It regains shine easily. 
  3. Use silver polishing cloth - Probably the cleanest, non-messy way of polishing. 
  4. Other professional silver polishing agents - tomato sauce (yes, ketchup!), baking soda, silver polishing liquid etc. 

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