Proud to be on the Paper!

Proud to be on the Paper!

I'd been admiring people being published on the paper since young, especially to our nation's most-read English newspaper, The Star. This national publishing has made me a proud girl from my own parents because I can vividly remember how attached and relied, my dad was, to The Star because we subscribed to daily newspaper in our mailbox (physical one) when I was still at primary school. Being an entrepreneur has been satisfying, exhausting, thrilling, challenging to me, sometimes a little spotlight shines on me, and I can feel a huge push from my back, encouraging me to continue working for this brand. 

This article is a very remarkable one for me because it was about motherhood in relations with my brand. What is more memorable than seeing my newborn published in the paper with my story? This paper also reminds about my delivery to my second baby, Noah. It was a truly amazing birthing journey, it was speedy, relaxed and very enjoyable process, which I had related to how mindset sets our body reactions. 

Quoting some beautiful paragraphs from the Star, more can be read here

'The entrepreneur views life as a gift. Drawing a parallel with her charms, she says they are a cherished memento – little things that can remind you of someone or that special moment.'

“I think children are amazing stress relievers. Their faces always remind me about purity and kindness, which I think my brand speaks about too, especially when it comes to femininity and a life mantra, ” Chia concludes.


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