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ML Lifestyle 3-Way Bucket Bag

ML Lifestyle 3-Way Bucket Bag

1 Review

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Exclusively handmade by ML, our bucket bag is made of thick canvas material and a touch of leather at the logo patch and the handle. Sturdy and durable, this bag can also be worn in three easy ways, giving you enough flexibility to carry the bag for travel or for shopping use and to change the way by only fastening and adjusting the long handle.

  • Sling it
  • Shoulder-carry it
  • Hand carry


To hand carry the bag, tie a knot at each side like this:


Comes in 5 colours, pick the one that best suits your personality!

Original Canvas
For a neutral and organic look; I love the smell of nature.

Mint Green
For a quiet and soothing moment; I'm always in my own world.

Mustard Yellow
Artsy and trendy; I need fun in my life!

Blush Pink
For a cheerful and romantic mood; I'm a girl always!

Navy Dark Blue
For a classic look that goes with everything; I'll never go out of style