Minimalist Lifestyle: When Less is More

Embrace minimalism and declutter your thoughts. As seen in ML, our jewellery concept speaks about small pieces with big meanings. Simplicity speaks for itself. Here are some inspirations for you to picture how our delicate pieces would look like in your daily lifestyle. All charms can be fixed onto not only short necklaces (as seen here), but also onto long necklaces and bracelets. 

Inspired by life and dream >> when feather meets an anchor.


As an alternative, choose to put your charm onto a stylish leather bracelet. An itty bitty symbol around your wrist that represents you, but doesn't scream your name for everyone to hear. Shop Eiffel Tower.

Perfect for a daytime look, or to soften up a nighttime look. Simple, meaningful and straight to the point.

With as much love as seen, whether being a gift or for yourself, ML Jewellery is sure to become your new everyday staple. Live with less but with style, live with love.