MNML x Priscilla Abby

Priscilla Abby 蔡恩雨
A rising Mandopop star whose multiple million-hit YouTube covers created waved across Asian just over a year! 


MNML is proud to collaborate with sensational singer Priscilla Abby as our brand ambassador for the year. 


Her spirit, energy and enthusiasm have inspired our upcoming collaborative collections.

About the Collaboration


In this month, as our brand relaunches, we are launching our first collaborative jewellery collection with Priscilla Abby, called Courage to Dream. Inspired by the five themes of MNML Moments, we are launching an anchor symbol collection from the Courage theme, and a series of birthstone necklaces from the Celebratory theme. Crafted in precious metal - genuine 925 sterling silver, the chains are plated with rhodium for extra lustre and protection. In MNML, we believe that your personal jewellery is your daily accompaniment. Expect non-sensitivity, quality texture and precious material from the jewellery.
Every set of the jewellery also comes beautifully packaged in MNML's signature artisan book box, and a limited edition Priscilla Abby's signatory collection card.

在這個月份我們除了以全新的品牌形象與大家碰面之外,我們MNML亦發佈了與PriscillaAbby蔡恩雨首個合作系列 - 為夢想勇敢。我們MNML认为飾品是日常生活中必備的單品,因此採用了低過敏性的925純銀以及白金電鍍,以避免容易刮傷和增加飾品的光澤度且達到永不掉色的效果。每套首飾將置放於MNML手工質感的書本盒內且附送Priscilla Abby的限量版明信片。

Courage To Dream Collection


Originally hand-drawn by Priscilla, refined by MNML, MNML x Priscilla Abby Courage to Dream Collection is available in two designs: signature toggle and pendant. 
When MNML team first met with Priscilla, she talked about how an anchor icon inspired her about staying strong throughout her dream-chasing journey since she was young, back in her hometown. A classic and simple anchor carries a universal emotional message of strength and stability, especially powerful to inspire all of us who run through our days and dreams, despite the good or bad ones. We hope you find our Courage to Dream anchor design a meaningful signifier that would carry the same positive message to you when you wear it. 

在第一次與PriscillaAbby會面交談中,她與我們分享了關於她的逐夢旅程中,船錨這個圖標是如何鼓舞著年少的她,因此這款經典且耐看的船錨成為了我們首個合作聯名款的設計概念。MNML與我們品牌代言人PriscillaAbby想傳達給所有為夢想勇敢的你們,無論什麼時候想前進或什麼時候想停下歇息都可由你決定。由Priscilla Abby親手繪製再由MNML訂製而成的船錨項鍊款式。MNML x Priscilla Abby為夢想勇敢系列有兩款設計可選擇。

Courage Anchor Toggle Necklace
[限量發售] Courage 船錨盒鍊款項鍊 MNML x Priscilla Abby 2021

Courage Anchor Pendant Necklace
[限量發售] Courage 船錨吊墜針扣項鍊 MNML x Priscilla Abby 2021

Celebratory MNML Birthstone - Priscilla’s Limited Edition

MNML诞生石 - PriscillaAbby蔡恩雨限量款

Everyday is worth celebrating, especially when there’s a significant moment in your daily life! Keep a light heart, make a wish, say thank you - happy spirit starts within you!

Originated from our branded logo, we’ve designed our very own shape of oval in the minimalist way. Inspired by the concept of minimalism and collaboration with Priscilla Abby, this is a beautiful artwork of celebratory jewelry that celebrates everything positive, happy and good. Pick a brithstone that resonates with your month of birth or your favorite color. We hope you find this birthstone necklace a personal signifier to accompany you in life.

人生本來就值得慶祝!把生命中的每一天過成值得慶祝的日子,為自己帶來更多快樂以慶祝這段意義非凡的人生旅程。把快樂精神都帶給你身邊重要的每一位, 對自己, 對他或她說一句 “今天的你辛苦啦!每天都要記得微笑喔!”
憑著簡約並非簡單的概念而誕生了本店橢圓形狀的MNML LOGO。這款圍繞著正能量和快樂的誕生石項鍊都是結合了PriscillaAbby的快樂精神。我們和PriscillaAbby蔡恩雨也想把這份簡單的快樂融入到你們的生活,因為人生本來就值得慶祝!誕生石及其鮮豔的色彩是將我們的出生月份與特別而稀有的寶石聯繫起來的一種方式。而這款橢圓形吊墜的設計靈感來自於MNML的品牌標誌的形狀。讓最簡約的項鍊款式彰顯出最纯碎的美 。現在就選擇那款屬於你的誕生石吧!


Simple sensations that hold a special place in our memory, it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.