About Us

We are Minimalist Lab

Minimalist Lab, founded with a mission to celebrate female individuals through the sentiment and stories that quality jewelleries could deliver. Nicole, the co-founder, believes that jewelleries designed with the simplest details are able to bring profound, long-lasting joys in life by signifying meaningful moments. The transformative process of every young woman may not be similar but Minimalist Lab tries to replicate every emotion and deliver them as little mementos.

It’s more than a brand story to Nicole who is a mother of two. She too experiences the highs and lows of life after having her firstborn diagnosed with illness. Daily occurrences such as raising her children and being a woman in today’s society had helped shaped the vision of this brand. Both Nicole and her husband sees Minimalist Lab as a meaningful agenda in their life as it accompanies and uplifts them through the phases of life.

Today, Minimalist Lab has its HQ situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, with the aim of creating a global community that values femininity and uniqueness of each person through jewellery while maintaining the originality of a local brand.


Birth and loss,
        celebration and grief,
    these are all markers in one’s life journey.

Shaped after five themes in life, MNML Moments - the main line of Minimalist Lab jewellery, is made up of five moments that resonates with one’s life journey


Emotions may be universal, however it is the nuance in each encounter that stamps a special, personal imprint in our memory. Forming an unparalleled narrative in each of us. A narrative that can be signified by simple sensations of the moment. The beat of a song, the smell of flowers, the caress of a loving hug, or simply the touch of a ring on our finger. These are sensations–precious particulars, that accompany us throughout our encounter with life.

This sentimentality is what Minimalist Lab brings to every piece of our jewellery. A simple item to hearten and uplift one’s day, a personal signifier in one’s life journey.

Simple sensations that hold a special place in our memory,
it becomes a personal signifier in one’s life journey.