Why We Love Sterling Silver

Why We Love Sterling Silver

First of all, do you know what's the difference between '925 Silver, 'Pure Silver' and 'Sterling Silver'? The answer is, they are the same. The reason sterling silver is associated with '925' is because 92.5% of the metal content is made of silver, but, because pure silver is a soft and very malleable to be functional for use, adding the remaining 7.5% of other metal content like alloy, will harden and form the right shape and hardness to the jewellery. 

Now you are clearer with the definition, let's dig in to why sterling silver is our main product material choice. Here are 8 big reasons:

1. Classic Style 

Sterling silver is a long-existed jewellery material since the history time, its white hue brightens your overall look, beautifies and adds a sleek and feminine look to whoever that wears it. Also, it is timeless in beauty, consider adding a classic piece of pure silver jewellery to your jewellery box.   

2. Durable and Light

Most sterling silver jewellery is not heavy, the quality of it also makes it possible to be worn daily, to bed and to shower. 

3. Hypoallergenic

Sterling silver is known to be skin-friendly, suitable for sensitive skin. It does not cause rashes or itches you because of its purity. There's also many sayings that pure silver is kind, gentle and even shoothing to your skin. There are many scientific proofs that promote the health of sterling silver. 

4. Easy to Clean and Care

Perhaps tarnishing is the main concern of why sterling silver may not be a favourable choice to many. Silver will tarnish and oxidised when exposed to air, and certain chemical substances. It is a natural phenomenon and can be avoided with some proper care. One way to help, is to wear it everyday, including to shower, because the act of washing wish soap is the exact way of polishing a sterling silver jewellery to its original shine. Otherwise, to polish a yellowish/ tarnished silver jewellery, use a jewellery polishing cloth or some natural agents eg: baking soda or vinegar. 

*To make our jewellery tarnishing-resistant, we also coat our silver jewellery with rhodium. It protects and slows oxidisation, and gives a beautiful high gloss finish to the product.

5. Less Expensive 

Sterling silver is considered a precious metal, that makes it called semi jewellery. This tasteful and versatile jewellery material is usually priced higher than usual alloy or steel materials, because of its market value. However, its values are way more worthy to be owned. It is always a very presentable gifting choice. 

6. Build Your Jewellery Collection in No Time

One of the best things about owning some silver jewellery is its adaptability to use with other metals. It complements well with other metals. If you already have a white gold or platinum jewellery, sterling silver blends well with them, giving it an interesting and unique gradient.


The quality and lifetime value of sterling silver would give you confidence of getting a semi jewellery that is more affordable but not losing its shine and timeless beauty. 

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