MNML Free Jewellery Engraving Now Available

Minimalist Lab: Free Jewellery Engraving in Kuala Lumpur
MNML is about celebrating life moments and individuality. An engraved message or symbol adds a layer of emotion and sentimentality to your jewellery, giving you the freedom to define your own personal signifier; making the piece truly unique to you.
Our engraving service is now exclusively available for the MNML For-Every-Body collection, a limited edition golden series that serves as a memento of self-love and body acceptance. Customisable with up to 10 alphanumerical characters, you can define body positivity your own way. 
Goddess Booty Necklace (Engravable), Boss-itivity Necklace (Engravable), Love My Curves Necklace (Engravable)
The collection features statement pieces depicting the female body, with abstract lines and shapes to represent different facets of the female figure, serving as a reminder that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their own body, no matter how it may look like. 
Thoughtfully made with stainless steel, this collection is water-resistant and tarnish-resistant, with durable gold plating that will not fade. At MNML, we bring versatile designs with high durability that allow you to wear them anywhere without taking them down, keeping your little self-love memento close to you.
We strive to be gender inclusive with our jewellery designs by adding gender-neutral engravable items into this collection, hoping to bring body positivity to everyone regardless of their gender identity.
Engraving also makes the perfect gift for your loved ones. The intention and thoughtfulness are contained within the gifts, with personalised engraving adding deeper meaning to an already great surprise. 

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