Minimalist Genderless Jewellery

Minimalist Genderless Jewellery

Attitudes towards gender are changing, and this new era of acceptance and inclusivity is having a noticeable effect on how we style ourselves. In MNML, we believe that a lot of components in life are fluidic, uncertain and ever-changing - from tech, the way we speak, to fashion. Living in the new era, especially with the post millennials growing up, the lines between menwear and womenwear are becoming blurred. And it's setting the trend. 

Minimalist unisex necklaceUnisex Rope Chain  

Our gender-neutral jewellery has been a perfect choice for girls with attitude, boys with style or couple who wants a memento to signify their special moments. 

Made of mostly titanium, these fashion pieces look minimal, and lasting in style. Stacking or wearing them single, would turn you into a more stylish person in real. Explore minimalist gender-neutral jewellery.

Unisex jewelleryLayered Harper Unisex Bracelet,  Unisex Signet ring

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