YvonneChua x MNML Gift Yourself


      Here's a passion project collaborated with our favourite social media personality, Yvonne Chua. With the idea of gifting yourself, Yvonne and MNML would remind you of valuing yourself and to fall in love with your individuality. We've curated a series of galaxy jewellery filled with personal individuality and a range of rose gold romance jewellery perfected with pearls. 

      赠予自己 GIFT YOURSELF是我们与Yvonne Chua 的联名合作系列。奥秘星空系列提醒了我们自我是一种个性,不管你有多不完美,别忘了要爱上自己的个性。另外,高贵的玫瑰金系列则是Yvonne想要透过珍珠表达女人爱自己的浪漫可以很柔美。

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