Little Cupid Sterling-Plated Charm

Little Cupid Sterling-Plated Charm

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Let the cupid hit you with the sharpest arrow and fall deeply in love to someone. And always remember that true love does not come easily.

Beautifully crafted, this silver-plated charm has a timeless and classical look; perfect as an emotional gift to your loved one. Designed to all ladies for a dainty and elegant look, you can choose to have the charm fitted on a classical short necklace, long necklace, bracelet chains or even leather bracelet for a smart and casual style.

Each charm comes hanging on a beautiful silver-debossed card, fitted perfectly in a white hard box and hand-wrapped with metallic satin ribbon with a presentable gold-debossed greeting label(refer to the last image). Pick among our three greeting labels at the drop-down menu; messages can be hand-written by us at the back of the label.

  • Short necklace: standard size of 40cm(fits most thin to moderate bodies); extra length of 45cm also available for a looser and more flexible look.
  • Long necklace: measured at 84cm; ideal for a casual look.
  • Silver bracelets: available in round and box types, come with extension; adjustable size and shall fit all wrists. Box type is thin and minimalist while round type is thicker and has a more solid weight.
  • Leather bracelets: come with extension; minimum size is 16cm which will fit all wrists. Available in black, white, blue, purple, pink and maroon color. 
  • All accessories above are made of 925 sterling silver. Daily showering is possible EXCEPT for leather bracelets, expect scratches and some wear-and-tear effects after long time. 
  • Charm size is approximately 1.5 * 2cm