The 2018 Minimalist Checklist

Hello Minimalists, Happy New Year! 🎉
We hope that everyone will be able to have a fresh start for 2018. If minimal living lifestyle has been on your mind for a while and you really love the idea of living with less, now is the best time to start, isn't it? Of course we'll do it step by step. We've made you a simple checklist, so with these steps, try to practice and learn it, and you will slowly achieve the Minimalist lifestyle that you want!
1. "Why a Minimalist lifestyle?" Ask yourself why you want to live minimal. Are you too stressed from an overfull life? Does a calm and uncluttered place help relieve your stress? Understand what's your purpose, this can give you more motivation to achieve and focus on where you’re headed.
2. Start small and easy. Clear out the mess from your drawer or wardrobe. Take 5 to 10 minutes everyday to practice meditation. Be quiet, breath and unwind. Slowly take some small steps before going for bigger steps.

3. Understand your wants and needs. "Less is more." You might not realise you probably need less than you think. When you need to decide what to keep and what to let go, always ask, "Could I live without this?" So that you will slowly understand your needs. Needs have to stay. You get to choose the wants.

4. Keep it or let go. Keep things that you enjoy and are useful. If it doesn't bring you joy, let it go. Maybe someone else will be overjoyed to have it.

5. Enjoy more, and less. More time, more freedom, do more of what makes you feel most alive. Live with less unnecessary stuff and you will have less stress. Take a moment to appreciate what you’ve gained from the things you’ve gone through or let go, and be ready for the new chapter you’re moving into.

6. More rest time and 'me' time. Schedule more time to rest for yourself. More time to be with yourself, understand more about yourself. Build a rhythm of work and rest into your life. It’s hard to pursue “simple living” when your reality is more “exhausted living.”


May you make the most of 2018!


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