Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

Hello, Minimalists! ❤

We're always trying to achieve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Maybe we should teach ourselves how to concentrate on one thing at a time. This way, we can really have time for ourselves. We have some simple ways to help you simplify your life, let's practice together!

Simplify Your Living Space

  • Clear out your wardrobe – Put aside anything that no longer fits, suits your needs, or gets worn. Separate them into things to throw, and things to donate.
  • Keep all table surfaces clean – Try not to simply put your bags, mail, and keys randomly on any surface in your house. Give all these items a spot to put to avoid making mess.

Simplify Your Mind

  • Have yourself some quiet time every day – Take at least 10-15 minutes everyday for yourself to do whatever you like. It can be reading, meditating, journaling, or just sitting still and relaxing.
  • Stop yourself from multi-tasking – Your mind will think more clearly if it is just concentrating on one thing at a time.

Simplify Your Tech Life

  • Unsubscribe and unfollow – Go through your emails and social media, unsubscribe from irrelevant newsletters, unfollow people/pages that don't inspire you.
  • DELETE – Old photos, files, downloads, apps, bookmarks, and anything else you no longer use or need, just delete it!

We hope all these help! Let's make some good changes this 2018!

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