Want some luck? - Prosperity Collection

With lunar new year coming up in a few more days, we'd curated a series of our very positive and lucky jewellery from our Moments collection. These sterling silver jewellery are to boost your luck and to bring auspicious meanings to your ox year. 

Silver is your new gold, this Chinese New year. With its white elegant hue, our silver jewellery speaks of minimalism and elegant taste. They are also suitable for daily wearing - day and night. 

We have also featured a limited design - the Rosie red cow, which is made of natural agate stone. Perfect to signify a remarkable year for you, or your mum.

Many believes that the ginkgo tree represents longevity as it can live up to thousands of years. These feminine and elegant gingko leaf jewellery carry auspicious meanings and signify celebratory moments this Chinese New Year. 

chinese new year jewellery ginkgo necklace

Featured: Green ginkgo Ezra, minimalist ginkgo Ernie.


Check out our full collection of 2021 Chinese New Year collection, free shipping applies for nationwide orders. 


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