7 Highly-Functional Staple Items to Own for a Minimalist Look

It's been a trend, or a norm for the idea of minimalism nowadays. It is also easy to live and breathe the minimalism way, if you know what the concept actually means. Years ago, when we started our brand Minimalist Lab, it was pretty new but we could see people loving the idea of minimalist jewellery. Perhaps, the idea of 'Less is More' is soothing to the human eyes and very pleasing to our busy minds. 

Minimalist outfit looks simple by the eyes, yet it does require sense of fashion and a highly clear mind to keep reminding you that less is more. And it doesn't limit to monotone colours, we can still look minimalist with vibrant colours. Here are some ideas of some staple pieces you can consider getting to start wearing the minimalist way.

1. Basic Wear - Tank Top, Zara 

2. Simple Top with Print, Zara 

Limit the colours to a maximum of 3, including your bottoms. Beige (instead of white) is another beautiful aesthetic we recently fall in love with. 

3. Oversized/ Loose-fitting Top and Bottom Set, Zara 

Perhaps this reflects of living style of minimalism, loose and relax, just another stylish lifestyle everyone is dreaming of. Living with less, there's no need to keep yourself too busy about life.

4. A Pair of Functional Pumps, Charles&Keith 

An everyday pump, or a pair of shoes that you can wear for a casual dinner or to work and you are still looking elegant, practicality is the point. 

5. A Bold and Understated Handbag, Celine

Personal favourite - Celine's Mini Luggage Handbag, is the ultimate classic minimalist handbag in the world. Its look is always timeless yet bold and understated at the same time. Black is cool, because it speaks of style, but the overall black tones down the voice of your overall outfit. 

6. An Everyday Necklace, Minimalist Lab 

While we are talking about staple pieces, our sterling silver chains are meant to be worn daily, without removing even to shower. A piece of quality and pure material chain, would be very handy to keep you looking elegant at all time.


7. Durable Silver Bracelet, Minimalist Lab

Sterling silver is a practical semi jewellery, it is beautiful and quality at the same time. Best part? It's is hypoallergenic. Rarely there are people who get sensitive skin wearing it. Pure silver jewellery is basically water-resistant, of course it doesn't last forever if you wear it harshly with no care at all, because pure silver is not 100% solid and hard, they are mixed with 7.5% of other materials (usually brass), in order to be hard to withstand wear-and-tears. Pick something you can wear daily, and let it be a reminder jewellery that you can see and be reminded with your life motto everyday.

Silver Heart Bracelet

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