Minimalist Routines That Give You A Peaceful and Simpler Life

Minimalist Routines That Give You A Peaceful and Simpler Life
Hello, Minimalists!
To have a more peaceful lifestyle, minimalism is part of the important elements to start with. 
 Taking the time to clear your mental clutter will help your lives to become more peaceful and calm.

Meditate Everyday

Try to meditate everyday, even for just 10-15 minutes. Meditation helps to train your mind to focus and redirect thoughts, and it can improve your quality of life. Meditation is a moment for you to de-clutter your mind after a long day. To create a meditation space, find a quiet space, add a comfortable yoga mat, burn some candles or essential oil, and create a space that you can focus your mind.

Exercise regularly, find yourself a new hobby.

Find a sport that you like or always wanted to try and reserve time to do it. Other than exercise, you can also do crafts, drawing, or flower arrangement to try to discover a new hobby for yourself.

Create a daily routine

Creating a routine means less decision-making and less clutter in your life, which make your life so much simpler. When you follow a routine, you will have more free time, otherwise you might need to spent extra time on planning and decision-making everyday.

Make A List or Journal

Clear the clutter in your mind by writing diaries, journals or making lists. Try bullet journalling, it will help you identify the important or urgent tasks, and you can list down what's on your mind.

Set and Achieve Goals

List down all your goals, prioritise every goal and take action to achieve it accordingly. Setting goals can help to increase your creativity too. Then you’ll start to look for ways to make it happen.

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