Minimal Lifestyle : To Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom

Hello, Minimalists!
Today let's talk about how to create a minimalist bedroom!

Minimalist bedroom: a style not many people would go for because some of them might think it makes the room look plain and empty; but there is always beauty to be found in simplicity. Follow these tips to help you achieve a more relaxing space and make it the perfect minimalist bedroom it can be. (image via pinterest)

  • Minimal Colour Palette

    • Wall Colours: For the perfect clean look, plain your walls in white, or various shades of off-white. These neutral walls will act as your plain canvas for the rest of the things in your room later.
    • Just make sure that everything you get for the bedroom is also neutral-coloured.

    • Decoration

      • Add a Pop of Green: Having just a bit of greenery will help the room feel like you live there without adding any clutter. Plus, it will help clean your air!

      • While everything in the room is minimal, you can add some creativity to your bedside tables. Decorate it with a stack of magazines, some scented candles, or lamps.

      • Linen

        • Invest on some good quality, neutral-colored bedding: Bedding for a minimalist bedroom has to be simple; it only requires something neutral and basic. Which means you can spend your money on the quality of the duvet.

        • Furniture

          • Pick a simple bed-frame or you can go frameless: Choose bed-frame with clean lines; the design should be as simple as possible. Be careful with choosing furniture and don't over-furnish your room. There’s certainly truth in the statement “less is more.”

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