MCO Care and Gift Guide

Coronavirus outbreak has been making a huge impact to the world, causing everyone lives a new norm now. Some are financially hit, some are mentally pressured, some are a little down because of restricted movements for a long period. Here are some small gifts we think you can cheer your loved ones up, a simple gesture to show care, to act as a reminder of love, or simply to celebrate a safe and peaceful usual day. 

Best part? They are inexpensive! 

1. Cute Stud Earrings, Minimalist Lab - RM29/pair, RM25/pair when you buy two pcs onwards

2. Brookies, by September Bakes - RM40 for 5 pcs

3. Baby's Breath, by BloomThis - RM79

4. Sterling Silver Rose Gold North Star Necklace, by Minimalist Lab - RM138 

Rose Gold North Star Necklace

5. Healthy Nut Mix, by Signature Market - RM16

6. Grateful Notebook, by Cotton On - RM16 

7. Friends Anytime Mug, by Cotton On - RM17.50 

8. Coffee Ground Pack, by Beanshipper - RM39

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