Love for All : MNML x Zahuohang

A conventional Valentines celebration is no longer in style and we are here to remind you what matters more than receiving a heart shaped box of chocolates. Loving yourself can be a chore to most. Our Love for All campaign serves as a reminder to stand tall and receive the love we deserve. Here is to not letting anyone dull your sparkle and living our best lives. May you break your own personal glass ceilings and shine in every room you walk into. 

This time around, we added a new twist to our Valentines Collection by collaborating with a local artisanal florist, Zahuohang. His avant garde styled flower installations can put any regular bouquet of red roses to shame. With just an extra RM 59, you will receive your gift with a limited edition packaging that includes your very own immortal bouquet. One of a kind sensational dried flowers is perfect for the occasion after all what is better than a bouquet that will not wilt. This everlasting flower arrangement is all about representing the love you wish to convey through our products. 

Our Valentines 2021 collection is versatile yet dynamic. Entitled Love For All, we aim to please. Do proceed to our collection here and rest assured that we have a little something for everyone. If you are interested in other charms that are not within the Valentines collection, an upgrade to the premium packaging is possible as well. Signing off, we hope you have a pleasurable experience shopping with us in this season of love. 



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