How To Live With Less

Minimalism - The idea of living more freely by living with less. It is simply the idea of getting rid of what isn’t necessary in our life in order to not feel overwhelmed and to focus on making memories instead of buying more and more. When you learn how to live with less, you will begin to find that you actually have more. You have more space, time, freedom, choices, money, creativity, energy.
Let us share with you a few easy steps to live with less :)
  • START SLOW - Don't try to tackle everything at once. Try to start with one room or shelf and slowly work your way to a more simplified space.
  • REMOVE, BUT DON'T DISCARD - Put your items in a box and set them out of sight. Set a reminder for yourself to look in the box after 30 days. Haven't missed or used anything? Toss it, then.
  • FORGET EMOTIONS - It can be difficult, but try to put your emotions aside. Realize that it is just objects and do not have souls or feelings.
  • ANALYZE AND MEASURE TRUE VALUE - If you're having trouble parting with an item, analyze why it really means what it does to you. Does it have any value elsewhere?
  • NO DUPLICATES - Duplicate objects are like a plague. You don't need multiples of anything. Keep the one with the best quality and remove the rest.
  • FOCUS ON THE GOOD - If you begin to feel uncomfortable removing items, just focus on all the things you DO still have. Find small things to be grateful for.
  • SET EXCITING GOALS - Overworked? Plan a vacation that is contingent on getting rid of your extra stuff. Plan a fun party, save for a fun adventure. Keep it exciting.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY - Invest in high-quality pieces that will last years and look amazing in every aspect of your life.

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