How to create a Minimal Home


What is a Minimal Home?

"A Minimal Home is a place you can feel peaceful & calm, and it should be a clutter-free home."
A minimalist home will make you a calmer person. A minimal home just needs a few pieces of meaningful art, minimal furniture and a few plants to liven up the whole area. A minimal home always looks clean and visually pleasing, giving your mind positive vibes after a day of hard work.

 How to create a Minimal Home

Clean Surfaces & Neutral Colours
In a minimal home, surfaces like walls, ceilings, floors are mostly painted in neutral colours like white, grey, and beige.
Every room of a minimal home would have only the essential pieces of furniture, which are functional and absolutely necessary. You don't want to overfill your space with furniture. Here's a short list of furniture you should have to give your living room a minimal look.
  • One 3-seater sofa - Preferably with grey tones, beige or black upholstery.
  • One lounge/reclining chair
  • One coffee table
  • Flat screen TV mounted on the wall & a simple cabinet/shelf
  • Some plants & minimalist artwork
More Natural Light Than Artificial Lights
With natural light and neutral colours in the interior, a minimal house will look brighter and pleasing to the eye. So just take the maximum advantage of natural lighting if you can. If you're upgrading your home, increasing natural light might not be possible. In this case, you should play very carefully with the artificial lights. 
  We hope this simple guide will give you inspiration for your minimal home transformation and lead you to a simpler, meaningful life. :) 

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