Heart-Melting Gifts For Her

Hello, Minimalists!

Let's talk about gifting today! We know that thinking about what to get for a girl can be very difficult sometimes. If you're still at a loss of heart-melting gift ideas for HER, here are some choices you can pick!


Anything Personalized
Every girl loves something that's unique and personal, just like our minimalist jewellery. You can pick any charms that match her personality. Our charms can be matched with a Short Necklace, Chain Bracelet, Leather Bracelet or others, OR you can also go with our Gift Box Set
Making a scrapbook from scratch can be time-consuming, and if that's not your thing, just get a beautiful photo album and fill it with her favourite pictures. Whenever she flips through it, the pictures will keep her entertained and remind her of your shared love.
A Spa Treat
Life can be stressful sometimes. Give her a break from her busy life by pampering her with a spa day. She will be really happy for it and feel super relaxed!
A Vacation/ Gateway
If you know her well and you might know there's somewhere she's been wishing to go, definitely take her. She'll be very excited and both of you will have wonderful memories to share in the future too.
Flower Bouquets
Every girl loves surprises. Surprise her by secretly ordering a bouquet sent to her house / work place. She would be overjoyed when receiving the surprise.
Anything Handmade
For most girls, it really is the thought that counts. She will appreciate any of your handmade gifts. Handmade cookies, cakes, anything handmade can touch her heart.
We hope these ideas will help you get her a perfect heart-melting gift!

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