Courage over Comfort

Greetings. If you are reading this today, its no mere coincidence. This is a sign for you take charge and courageously embrace the changes ahead of you. Let it be daily habits to recalibrate ourselves or life changing aspirations, today we choose bravery. Share with us what aspects are you trying to improve? Climbing the corporate ladder, weight loss/gain, positive daily habits, academic goals? We are all ears. The journey to self improvement is one we like to be a part of.

Shop over Courage over Comfort collection now. Especially curated to inspire you to take the leap of the faith.

Editor’s choice : Whale tails have long been associated with brave souls who seeks adventure and wisdom. With this charm, we hope you always fulfil your resolutions with a burning passion.

 Whale tail necklace

(1. Maura whale tail in beaded chain, 2 and 4. Marisa in blue stones, 3. Cora with enamel finishing)

Use promo code COURAGE to get RM15 off, a little treat from us. This new collection will be packaged in our new book like packaging with theme card attached. An ideal gift to inspire a special someone, wouldn’t you say ?


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