Chanwon x ML Collection

She's bubbly, fun and optimistic! We love her energy, following her Instagram gives us pleasure of viewing beautiful contents filled with only positivities. From her blogger career to her newly-moved-in house reno, Chanwon shares her daily lifestyle, with no intentional make-ups or over-filtered images. She's understated, and humble, people love seeing her introductions to what she wears and uses, her fans follow and trust her because of her sincerity. Chanwon is always serious working on and hard, to be herself. 

Minimalist Lab is proud to collaborate with Chanwon, one of the top Chinese influencers in our country, to curate her own collection of jewellery. Knowing that she's our 'everyday girl' role model, we see versatility and pared-down aesthetic, the style of the collection. Chanwon has her very sensible taste in picking the pieces, more than half of the collection is our stores' best-sellers. She's influential in her very own way, for being true, real and never give up. 

View Chanwon's Picks.

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