New in our MOMENTS range is the latest Bijou Birthstone collection. Dating back centuries, birthstones have been found donned on breastplates of warriors and on the centre of the finest jewelleries worn by women of high standards in societies all over the world.


What is the significance of these little coloured stones? Well our research tells us many interesting stories and facts but one reigned significantly; it was a symbol of a certain value one held dear to their hearts. This is why we have chosen to release this collection to accompany you in your life’s moments.

Each coloured stone represents one of the twelve months in a year and they all hold a message signifying the human values that keeps us going even on our worst days. Whether or not you choose to believe in the meaning behind each stone for your very own birth month, we can all agree that these principles are the morals in which we human should aspire to live by.

The most exciting thing about wearing something this precious and significant is how they make you feel about yourself. We personally love the unique touch it gives to our day to day look, especially when it is this dainty yet beautiful!

Elevate your everyday style with a personal touch. Get one in the colour of your birth month or simply one with the message you resonate the most with. It’s your choice to look beautiful and feel empowered. 

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