A Minimalist Theme Wedding

A Minimalist Theme Wedding
Picking a theme for a wedding can be tricky and overwhelming; it's a once-in-a-lifetime kind of decision after all. Many couples tend to go for themes such as Scandinavian Chic, Rustic, Vintage or Modern. What they don't realize is that a Minimalist-themed Wedding can be very unique and beautiful too. A Minimalist wedding doesn't have to be focused on a plain white look. Focusing on adding in unique details/elements to the plain canvas can easily elevate the style of your big day. We've gathered some cool minimalist ideas from Wedding Invitations to Backdrops, so let's check them out one by one!


A Minimalist Invitation design can be very elegant. A monochrome look might not be your cup of tea, but try to play with interesting typography to make it look unique. You can also add some greenery in the design element to make it 'pop'. Pay attention to the quality of paper, different papers and textures will bring a different feeling.

Bridal Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet is supposed to complement the bride's style, so keep the flowers simple for a chic and minimalist look. Try to limit yourself to only picking one or two types of flowers, or keep the flower's colour in the same tone or same colour scheme.  

Wedding Dress

Less is more - less can be more elegant & glamorous. The wedding dress should be simple in shape and finishing. Too many details (lace or sequins) on the dress might draw attention away from your natural beauty.


Wedding Cake

Embellish the white cake with small amounts of floral or greenery to look simple but gorgeous at the same time. Try to avoid using decorated fondant cakes; remember, this is a Minimalist Wedding.


Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are part of the most important details of a wedding because that's the part of the wedding that the guests take home with them. These beautifully packaged Minimalist Jewellery & Charms make a stunning and treasured gift that every guest will love. Each charm comes with their own unique meaning, pick one that best represents your love story.

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Venue Decor

When it comes to the ceremony decor for a Minimalist Wedding, you don't have to do much actually. Look for a clean, white wall, garnish with some natural accents to create a picture-perfect place to exchange your vows.


Table Decor

This part is slightly tricky; what you need to do is to keep the table as clear as possible, but without making it look too empty. Maintain the colour theme in white and try to add in some unique rose gold / gold tableware and a little olive branch. The understated effect is simply amazing.

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