5 Minimal Accessories Minimalists Would Love To Have

Hello, Minimalists!
Minimalism is now being increasingly introduced into our everyday lifestyle, from daily living to fashion and styling. The minimalist style is all about keeping your look simple and clean. For those who mix up "minimalist" and "boring", a minimalist style can be special and classy too. You definitely won't be seeing huge dangling earrings or bold statement necklaces because minimalist accessories are all about keeping it simple and dainty.
"Quality over quantity. So buy less ,choose well, and make it last."
We've gathered 5 less-is-more picks that are simple enough to wear every day. Even if it might look simple, it must be unique enough to reflect your own personality when worn all on their own.
1. Minimalist Lab Simple Life Collection : Beautifully crafted 925 Sterling Silver quality charm has a timeless and classical look. The clean lines of the shapes add a very minimalist touch to your style.
2. Minimalist Lab Leather Bracelet : The minimalist Leather Bracelets come with an extension which will fit all wrists. The genuine leather is available in 7 colours. Pair it with a ML Chain Bracelet or rock it on its own for a minimalist style.
3. Minimalist Lab Double Leather BraceletML Leather Bracelets can be matched with any ML charms no matter gold or sterling silver. Our 14K Gold-plated charms and Sterling Silver charms will add a subtle sparkle to your everyday look.
4. Minimalist Lab Short Necklace : Each of our ML charms are carefully crafted. Go for short and princessy, or long and elegant, these necklaces will be the perfect complement to any of your outfits.
5. Minimalist Lab Chain Bracelet : How lovely are these dainty bracelets? Pick it in gold or silver for the perfect feminine touch to your outfit. Delicate 925 sterling silver body with 14K gold-plated finishing, available in thick and thin types, so classy and minimal!

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