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A minimalist lifestyle is not for everyone. But in this hectic world, many of us always feel that we need — to have less, to spend less, to do less, to need less. But where does the starting point on the path to minimalism? Nothing will magically make you into a minimalist instantly, but these ideas are a good place to start you on your journey.
Always remember, 'Less is more'!
Featured product > The White House Dangling Oval Initial Pico Necklace
The use of white lucite in this necklace gives a strong sense of purity, elegant and peace. This piece of jewellery allows you to customize your own hand-stamp alphabets on the blank.
Featured product > Minimalist III Geometric Outline Nano Necklace
A simple & chic minimalist designed necklace by MinimalistLab. Necklace made from raw brass material and it shines from every angle. Check this timeless designed necklace at the link down below!
Featured product > Together Double Hecto Bracelet
An everyday minimalist piece of jewellery. This brass-made Hecto Bracelet is solid and smooth. It will creates beautiful outline on your wrist.
Featured product > The White House Symphony Hecto Bracelet
Another piece of beautiful designed bracelet from The White House Collection. Classy white lucites with moving round beads at the both sides.
Featured product > Roving Rhombus Cotton Bracelet - Black
A minimal and natural designed cotton bracelet from Roving Rhombus Collection. This bracelet is durable and can be worn all time. It available in two colours - Black / Soil
Featured product > Run-Around Happiness Cotton Bracelet with Cubes - Black
This India-imported cotton bracelet is fine and comes with great quality. All the cotton bracelet are perfectly hand-tied.
Featured product > Never Let You Go Pico Necklace
Pico chain is our classical short and princessy necklace that is designed to all ladies for a dainty and feminine look. This design comes with double tubes for togetherness, which also meaning that connects one's will to one's heart. 
Featured product > Triangle Pico Necklace
Basic Geometry Collection is one of our signature 'Less is More' concept series that portrays simplicity and calmness.
This Triangle Pico Necklace are sleeky and easy looking. Simple but significant!
Featured product > Eager Love Chain
This necklace from The Eternity Collection is an unisex individualist piece. It's specially measured long for a casual smart style, fit for all age.
Featured product > By Your Side ( Round Beads ) Round Initial Brass Blank in Pico Short Necklace
Precious Box Collection, designed for all feminine in the world. A very dainty looking necklace comes with a handstamp blank which you can stamp your own alphabets on.

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