Minimalist Lab - 'Less is More'


In Minimalist Lab, it's all about 'Less is More'.

Minimalism is about living the simplest way; striping everything down to its essential quality and achieving simplicity. Thus, you will see fine lines, non-fussy combinations, pure geometry and nature in our range of jewellery design.

Inspired by our sister brand Vintage 1988, Minimalist Lab creates and shares thoughtful ideas and quotes to inspire the readers positively. We love the fact that we are a good bunch of well-spoken individuals with very lively dream to aspire! Everyday is a new and happy start! Thank you so much to the #v88team for making ML coming alive after Vintage 1988. 

Each of the collection the designer created, carries an inspiring and meaningful thought. Each piece is then originally designed at its finest and carefully handcrafted to maximum quality. We use raw brass to ensure strong and sturdy durability; hoping that each piece of the jewellery will last forever with its owner. 

Life is a gift, ML always says! It's a fact the gifting is caring. It is one of our way to express our love and care to people that mean a lot to us. We use hand-stamping art in our jewellery for personalisation in which you can customise your own wordings, names, or messages to the jewellery pieces. Because they are all handcrafted, we do not make 100% perfection or machine-quality standard on all the hand-stamped art. Put on your honey's funniest nickname or the most influential phrase for your life to live in!

Our first retail outlet is opened in Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL and it features a complete range of our products and new designs. There is also customisation service which you can stamp on your wordings on-the-spot. Our second outlet will be popping up very soon by end of the year in Kuala Lumpur! Stay tuned!


Minimalist Lab

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