10 Ways to be Happy in JUST 1 Minute

When life gives you ups and downs, take them and live it the happiest way. Here are some ways to instantly brighten your mood=)

1. Smell Essential Oil or Solid Perfume; particularly lemon, lavender and sandalwood scents.

2. Take Deep and Long Breaths; take a deep inhalation and hold for two seconds, then let out the breath very slowly, repeat for several times. Smile as you inhale.

3. Take a 5 Minute Walk(bare foot is better!); studies show that a walk boosts brain chemistry to increase happiness and will immediately relax your mind. It'll remind you about simple happiness.

4. Take a Shower; flush your head with cool water and let all your negative energy be taken away from your clean body. Effective and immediate!

5. Sketch or Draw on Plain Paper; exert your unhappiness by drawing or scribbling onto papers allows you to express without reservation. Dump the drawing afterwards!

6. Step Away from where you are standing at; exit yourself from your current place physically, stand up and walk to another building or drive away to a place where you usually don't go.

7. Eat Sweets; pick up lollipops, soda, donuts or any other kids' favourites! Let yourself be spoiled with colors and flavours. This works immediately!

8. Listen to Happy Songs; put on your headphone, stay away from the surroundings, and listen to soft and comfortable voices like Zee Avi, Meiko and Priscilla Ahn.

9. Call your Best Friend; pick up your phone and give a call to your bestie. A shifted focus allows immediate change of mood.

10. Count your Blessings; list down all that you have in your life including your healthy body, your belongings, your family members and many more to come. You will feel utterly blessed that you are alive right now while some people may have been suffering from wars, diseases or unavoidable disputes.

After all, don't forget that you determine your own happiness. Life's filled with ups and downs, this is unavoidable and it is normal that we feel down sometimes. Now, know that being happy can be easy, costless, immediate and simple, you shall give yourself no chances to be unhappy for any seconds in your life!

Stay happy ;) all time!


Best of luck, 

ML (P/s: This is a HAPPINESS charm we all love!)

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