10 Ways To Be A Minimalist

10 Ways To Be A Minimalist
Avoid seasonal must haves and trends - Embracing minimalism is about avoiding seasonal must-haves and trends. If you go shopping, choose styles that you feel inspired to buy and not what's on trend.

It’s about what you’re going to keep - It’s all about the things you love that help to inspire and motivate you that you’re going to keep, you can give away the rest.

Keep what brings good vibes into your life - Make sure to keep the items that bring you joy, help you feel inspired and more confident; even if it’s decor, clothing, or everything that you have.

Declutter consistently - Be consistent with decluttering. Have a monthly or weekly decluttering session.

Have a monthly decluttering session - Schedule a monthly decluttering session for every area of your life. Write down every area of your life and the goals that you wish to accomplish.

Declutter by categories - Always declutter by categories. So you might want to declutter your clothing, books, sentimental items, beauty etc. in different categories.

Discard items you don’t need - It's safe to discard anything that you haven't touched in a year, or things you doubt you'll pick up anytime soon.

Listen to the signs - If you are decluttering and you find a piece of clothing that inspires you and you would wear again, that’s a good sign that you can definitely keep the item.

Surround yourself with what inspires you - Always remember to surround yourself with what brings you joy, peace and positive vibes.

Keep it if you feel inspired to - Always remember that it's minimalism and becoming more minimalist is about keeping the items that feel good and useful to you.

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