10 Steps To Take For A Simplified Life

10 Steps To Take For A Simplified Life
Question yourself : "Why is it so difficult to just slow down and enjoy the moment?" 
We're always trying to achieve as much as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. 'Busy' always stops us from slowing down and enjoying the moment. Maybe we should teach ourselves how to concentrate on one thing at the time. This way, we can really have time for ourselves. Here we have some tips to help you simplify your life & understand what you truly need. Let's see if these help:
    • Keep a gratitude journal - write at least 3 things that you are grateful for each day. Have a notebook and pen beside your bed and write down these things before you go to bed. 

    • What are the things that you value most in your life? Write them down. Are you living your life according to your values?

    • Remember to have your own quiet time. Sometimes it is good to be silent and in your own company. Pour a cup of coffee and read a magazine if you cannot just be.

    • Start doing yoga. Not everyone likes it at the beginning. Start with easy poses and you'll soon realize how much your flexibility has grown and your mind is more peaceful.

    • Create a peaceful morning routine and stick to it. What do you do each and every morning after getting out of bed...? Include something which makes you really happy!

    • Clean up your digital devices. Delete all documents, images and apps that you don't need anymore. Arrange and archive old photos and documents and transfer them into a cloud or an external drive. Get rid of everything unnecessary! Take time to do this. It will not happen overnight.

    • Create a white space to highlight things that are meaningful, special and beautiful. You can start with one surface, like a wall, a table or a shelf. Remove everything from it and leave it completely empty. After one week, start putting things back one by one.

    • Start decluttering your wardrobe. Let go of clothes that you have not worn in the last year or so, do not fit you, are not in good condition or don't make you happy. Give them away, recycle them or sell them at the flea market.

    • Start planning your meals. Start with weekly meal plans. Write down your favourite meals and make a grocery list of ingredients that you'll need to purchase.

    • Use good tableware, utensils, glasses and table linen. Every day has a reason to celebrate with good tableware and create special memories with your family. They make you feel better, give joy and are beautiful to look at. Don't just store them inside your cupboard and wait for the right moment, every moment is the right moment. Start making your life more beautiful!

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