10 Gold Gifts That'll Never Go Out of Style

10 Gold Gifts That'll Never Go Out of Style
Hello, Minimalists!
Gold is the most luxurious shade in the metallic family — it's refined, classy and chic. Girls who love gold shades always love finding ways to incorporate it into absolutely everything, from their jewellery, stationery, to home decor. We've got some gift ideas ahead that will satisfy their wishes; hope it helps! :)
  1. Sleek Headphones - For the girl who loves just a hint of gold, a pair of headphones is a perfect choice. They're modern and something she'll get endless use out of.
  2. ML Double Leather Bracelet + Choker with The Compass of Life Charm - This two-way accessory can be worn looped around your wrist for a bracelet, or worn as it is for a choker. Look sleek with this delicate 14K gold-plated Compass Charm with the Genuine Leather Bracelet.
  3. Classic Watch - A timeless watch is a meaningful gift for any girl. It completes every outfit and is something she'll reach for again and again.
  4. Luxe Alphabet Cup - Take her everyday basics to the next level.
  5. Dainty ML Necklace If she's an understated-luxury kind of girl, a delicate necklace allows for a subtle glow when worn alone but still makes an impact when layered with similar pieces.
  6. Fancy Globe - A world globe is always a great gift idea. Tell someone "You mean the world to me."
  7. Gold Planter - A good looking planter like this can always encourage someone to plant something. Make any plant look impressively polished with a sleek planter like this in gold.
  8. Stationery in Shades of Gold - It's satisfying to receive stationery as a gift, especially with gold details. Girls who love gold details will love it!
  9. ML Princessy Gold Charm - Graceful and demure, Minimalist Lab charms are 14K Gold-plated; classy and shiny!
  10. Eye-catching Phone Case - Even her tech toys can get a shiny upgrade. With a foil-flecked phone case, her obsession will come through loud and clear.

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